Work Package (WP) Objectives:

WP 1: Networking (DNDI)
The main objective of this WP is to facilitate and encourage cooperation between DNDI and research centres in Member States and Associated Countries. This will be done through the following tasks:

  • Strengthening and developing partnerships
  • Joint research activities
  • Workshop and conferences
  • Dissemination tools

WP 2: Training (IBDIM)
This WP has four objectives:

  • Develop and implement training modules to strengthen the ability of Ukrainian researchers to take part in future FP7 funded research projects.
  • Transfer knowledge about best solutions and practices.
  • Exchange experiences and knowledge about building strategy, project management, financing etc.
  • Strengthen the cooperation with other EU countries through international projects and initiatives.

 WP 3: Strategy Building (KTI)

  • To develop a new long-term research and development strategy for DNDI to increase its scope and regional coverage and prepare it to better respond to the socio-economic situation of Ukraine.
  • To create a short-term action plan which includes the most important steps to be taken to reach the goals of the strategy and conduct an initial follow-up review of its implementation.

 WP4: Management (DNDI)

  • Management and coordination of the project (financial administration, quality management, knowledge management, progress management) and objectives
  • Coordination and communication with the European commission (EC)